Yves Van Laer, nice to meet you.
  • Awesome Web developer is Awesome.
    My name is Yves Van Laer
    • I make web sites for a living.
    • I love my job.
    • I live in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • How can I help you?
    I create functional websites.
    • I am a web developer.
    • I am able to create your website.
    • I write code. I love that.

Did you know? A web designer colors the website, I code the website.

Testimonial #1

Even if Yves does not have time, he gets the job done. He pulled an all nighter to complete an important part of my website.
Bob Hamblok NeoScores.

Testimonial #2

Yves will do anything to make your website a great success. He is very motivated and kept pushing the limits of the latest web standards.
Annelies Vermonden Schrijnwerken Vermonden

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